We’re Back- July 2015

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We arrived back at Rio Grande Bible Institute on Saturday, July 11th at 7 am. Praise God we had a safe trip!  While driving slow with a fully loaded camper trailer it took us four days from Warrens, WI.  From Thursday to Saturday morning I only managed to get in about 5 hours of sleep, I was determined to get back early in the weekend so we could get unloaded and settled in so that I could return to work on Monday.

When we arrived Angie and I got to get some rest while the kids graciously started unloading the camper.  As of today, we have pretty much settled in with some boxes left, that can wait!


Sam has been happy to get back to playing with his friends and Asher is really enjoying the extra space and the ship park just outside our backyard.   The rest of us are trying to get into our daily groove again after being on the road for over a month and adjusting to living in a three bedroom apt after living in a 23ft camper for a year.  (We are enjoying it!)

20150714_183019 20150714_182811 20150714_165633
Kay and I will be starting classes at the Missions Language School on Aug. 4th so right now I’m trying to get as many tasks completed as possible. It’s going to be a really challenging year with school and meeting the I.T. needs of the campus. I love a good challenge and am looking forward to it!


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