Rio Grande Bible Missionaries

God is using Rio Grande Bible Ministries to minister to the Spanish speaking people, the local community, and to the uttermost parts of the World.

Ministries include:

  • RGBI 4-year Bible College in Spanish Located in a strategic location,  the students come here from all over Mexico, Central and South America and the US to attend Spanish Speaking Bible College and to take part in the ministry here and throughout the world.  We have a growing number of students attending RGBM that have a passion to spread the Gospel and to be lead by the Lord, either in their home country or as foreign missionaries.  The students and staff are heavily involved in evangelism, ministering, and Church planting in the local area, and take mission trips during summer and holiday vacations.
  • Spanish Language School The Spanish Language School provides an awesome opportunity for missionaries going to  Spanish speaking countries.  In one school year they learn the Spanish language and more about the culture.  Rio Grande’s language classes focus a lot on phonetics to help the missionaries communicate more clearly with the people they will minister to.
  • Radio Esperanza (Radio Hope)- AM/FM/Internet   Rio Grande Bible Ministries is broadcasting the gospel to over 200,000 listeners!
  • Video Correspondence courses  provide Spanish video for education, edification, and evangelism in the home and local church.
  • Printshop assists Missionaries and Church leaders in their graphic design and printing materials.
  • Christian Book Store and Koinonia Koffe Shop Located on campus, there is a Christian Book Store with an attached coffee shop.  The coffee shop serves coffee to all the students at break time and has been a blessing to many as it is a great place to study, play, visit, and fellowship.
  • Bibleville Winter Bible Conference Center provides a variety of ministry opportunities.                           

Rio Grande Bible Institute had been praying, for quite some time, for a person to fill a major need that they had in the computer department.  After we came down as volunteers, we realized that this is where God wants to use us.  This is very exciting for us!  We had been praying for over 7 years that God would use us on the mission field.  And now He is!

Technology is a very important part of ministry!    

hispanic ministry rio grande valley

Staff and students rely on it every day here. 

Travis has been in the technology field, in a variety of positions, for many years.  He is able to use his previous experience to provide for the technology needs on campus and also has the ability to learn other aspects of the job.  Travis will serve full-time in the IT department doing maintenance of networks, servers, phones and systems on campus.  Basically, anyone has a computer problem, they can come to him for help.

God is using our family in the ministry here. 

  Mexico Missionary RGBI   054 056

Together we are the hands and feet that can reach the world.  Please, prayerfully consider joining our support team.