First Couple Weeks of Language School

Language School is in session and we are working hard!  The goal is to become as fluent as possible in 2 semesters (9 months).

Rio Grande Bible College Missionary  RGBI missionary

 RGBI has a great language learning program and they set their bar high with a lot of focus on phonetics so that the students will sound like a native speaker.  It is not easy!!!  And, that might be an understatement 🙂 .  But it is a fantastic program.

Travis and Kay attend classes all morning, have about an hour of one on one tutor in the afternoon and spend most of the rest of their days studying.  They also attend 2 Spanish Chapel services and a Sunday morning Spanish Service at a local church.

rio grande bible institute missionary missionary at rio grande bible institute

They look forward to Tuesdays specifically. They have Spiritual Life Class on Tuesdays, which is in English, and they loved Dr. Windle’s teaching.  Last Monday Kay came home feeling a bit stressed and shed a few tears during her lunch hour.  BUT Tuesday she came home laughing and smiling.  And today(Monday) she said, “I am so excited for tomorrow, we have Spiritual Life Class”.

Travis doesn’t have time to work much outside the home. There have been a few days that he enjoyed the chance to run around working on internet or phones but for the most part other people have been able to take care of things while he is home studying.  And when people really need him, they no where we live.  In the occasion that someone comes knocking on the door he is happy to take a moment to look at something that isn’t a foreign language to him.

So, being in the 3rd week…  They are enjoying the challenge, but working very hard!  We definitely appreciate prayer!!!

Yesterday, all the language school students got together for a BBQ–lots of fun!

rgbi rgbi language students rgbi spanish language students rgbi spanish language students rio grande bible institute rio grande bible institute

One thought on “First Couple Weeks of Language School

  1. Thanks for pictures! I am currently at Jeannines and Daves What a beautiful, relaxing and peaceful place to be. Keep up the good work! Don’t give up.

    Love in Christ always,



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