Our first news letter!

rgbi, Rio Grande Bible Institute, missionaries

Dear Family and Friends,

We want to share with you a little bit about what we have been doing this past several months since leaving Minnesota.

We have been blessed to have the opportunity to stay and work at the Rio Grande Bible Institute. This is a spanish speaking accredited Bible College where students from Mexico and other countries in South and Central America come to study in their language and train to be Missionaries and Christian leaders. We have been blessed with the opportunity to get to know and to work with the students, the missionaries, and the other volunteers this year. 

The students, staff, and volunteers here work in a variety of ways to reach out to the surrounding communities, into Mexico, and throughout the World.  I can only begin to list a few of the many out reaches that “spider out” from RGBI:  Making quilts and bringing them to the poor in Mexico, starting and supporting an orphanage, out reach to the local communities, church planting, mission trips into the mountains of Mexico, Philippines, India, Africa and more.  The school also has a Spanish Christian radio station and a Christian book store.

 RGBI was in need of a support person in the IT department that I (Travis) have been working in.   In this position I have been assisting with the maintenance of the networks, servers, phones and systems on campus. 

Our entire family has played a part in ministry.   Some of the things that one or more of our family members have been involved with over the last 6 months include:

  • replacing the roof on the radio building
  • repairing golf carts
  • changing oil in cars
  • dead, stinky rat removal (yes, that is correct!) and trapping opossum
  • making quilts
  • assisting in the print shop
  • working Monday-Friday mornings in the coffee shop
  • helping a student with his English

The students come here from many different countries to be trained.  This school is a ministry and is funded by donations.  Many of the students that attend RGBI could not afford to come to school without the donations the school receives along with the staff being missionaries (supported by friends, family and churches) and the support of winter volunteers. 

We believe God has called us to serve full-time in this ministry and with that being said we have applied and been accepted for the staff position.  Yay! 

We would like to ask you to be praying for us as we are traveling this summer.  Please pray that we will have a safe trip and for God to provide for us our financial and spiritual needs.

We would appreciate having your on-going support through prayer.  If you are interested in receiving updates from us and would be willing to pray for us regularly, and/or would like to join our financial team please visit our blog valleyfamilyministry.org/  or respond to us via email at travisnangie@gmail.com. or we could possibly meet with you this summer on our travels.

God Bless,
Travis Valley and family

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